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When the need for home care arises, few families are ever truly prepared. When you begin the search for care, it’s common to have many questions about the types of care available, how to pay for services, how caregivers are trained, etc. As your dedicated resource for in home care in Kansas City, MO, Hearts at Home is here to offer guidance and to provide the answers you need to make informed care decisions and find the in-home care services that best meet your needs. Below, we’ve listed some of our most frequently asked questions in order to help you find the answers you need. Contact us online or call us at 913-440-4209 to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one.

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Q: In what areas are your services available?
We are proud to offer home care services throughout the Kansas City metro area, primarily Johnson County (KS) and Jackson County (MO).  Please see our Service Area page for a detailed list of the areas we serve. Contact us online or call us at 913-440-4209 to learn more
Q: Who needs in-home care?

Home care services are beneficial for the following individuals:

  • Anyone who cannot live safely alone at home
  • Anyone who requires more personal care than a spouse or other family caregiver is able to provide
  • Anyone who is living with a disability
  • Anyone who has had a change in their health (permanent or temporary) who requires additional help to stay safely in their home
Q: How much does the service cost?
Everyone’s needs are different; thus it is difficult to say for sure how much services will cost without an in-home assessment of your or your loved one’s needs. Please contact our office to schedule a free in-home assessment in order to obtain a better understanding of cost of service. Contact us online or call us at 913-440-4209 to learn more
Q. What are my payment options for home care services?
We accept private pay via cash or check and long-term care insurance. We will soon be able to accept payment by credit card as well.
Q. Are your in-home care services covered through Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance?
Our services are not covered under Medicare or Medicaid. We do accept long-term care insurance.
Q. Is your agency licensed?
We do operate under a business license, but are not required to hold a home care license.
Q. Are your caregivers insured and bonded?
Yes. All of our caregivers are insured and bonded for your protection and peace of mind.
Q. What makes Hearts at Home different from other in-home care companies?
Our compassionate team of professionals, our superior care, and our unparalleled communication are what make us stand out from the crowd. We want to be a resource for families to help them navigate the healthcare process. Our current executive director is a social worker who has the training and knowledge to help clients beyond the scope of our care services. Contact us online or call us at 913-440-4209 to get started.
Q. What are the advantages of home care?
Home care helps older adults and individuals with disabilities remain in their homes safely. We strive to maintain each person’s dignity and independence, provide socialization for clients who are homebound, and assist family caregivers, spouse or children who need a break from their caregiving duties. Contact us online or call us at 913-440-4209 to see how we can help.
Q. Who can receive in-home care?
Depending upon their needs, almost anyone can receive in-home care services, but we primarily serve seniors and disabled individuals.
Q. Will I be able to reach a caregiver after hours? If so, how can I contact someone after hours?
Yes, we have a caregiver on call 24/7. Simply call the office phone number, 913-440-4209, and there will always be someone available to assist you.
Q. How quickly can I arrange for service?
Care can be arranged as soon as possible, based upon the client’s needs and available caregivers. A free in-home assessment is required. Contact us online or call us at 913-440-4209 to get started today.
Q. Do you require a commitment to a minimum of hours and days a week in order to provide care?
Typically there is a 4-hour minimum. But each case is different, so we offer a free assessment to meet prospective clients and families, discuss needs and see how we can meet those needs.
Q. Are your services available in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?
Yes. We are happy to provide home care services wherever you call home.
Q. What if my caregiver is sick and cannot make it to my house?
We ask for caregivers to give us as much notice as possible if they can’t make a shift so we can schedule another caregiver.
Q. What kind of services do you provide?
We offer non-medical home care services, including: Alzheimer’s/dementia care, meal preparation and assistance with eating, light housekeeping, errands and transportation, medication reminders, personal care including bathing, help going to the bathroom, dressing, etc., anywhere from 1-24 hours per day. Please visit our Home Care Services page to learn more about the services we provide. Contact us online or call us at 913-440-4209 to learn more.
Q. How are your caregivers screened?

Hearts At Home has one of the most extensive caregiver screening processes in the industry. We realize that our caregivers are in a position of trust, and we will not hire anyone unless they meet our stringent employment criteria, including:

  • Personal interviews
  • Prior employment references
  • Past experience as a caregiver
  • Personal references
  • Criminal background check
  • Illegal/illicit drug test

Finally, we do our own “gut check” to decide if we feel that the candidate is someone we would trust to care for our own loved ones. Once hired, each caregiver receives our Hearts At Home employment certification, a thorough orientation, and is then bonded and insured.

Q. What kind of training do your caregivers receive?

To begin with, we seek to hire caregivers who already have experience in home care. Beyond that, we offer all caregivers 120 hours of additional training opportunities and incentives for those who complete training.

Q. We have a home health or hospice nurse. Will Hearts At Home still help us?
Yes. This is very common, and our services are an excellent complement to the clinical care provided by home health or hospice agencies. We consider them to be partners who help ensure that your loved one is receiving the best care possible.
Q. What is your process for establishing a successful home care plan?

The unique Hearts At Home process can be broken down into 3 key steps:

  • Step 1: Assessment

After you contact us, we will arrange for a free in-home consultation at your convenience. During this meeting we learn about the person for whom we will be providing care and the type of care needed. We also answer any questions you might have about our services. We then work with you to establish a care plan.

  • Step 2: Caregiver Selection

When selecting a caregiver, first we evaluate the caregiver skills required to provide care for your loved one. We also consider the disposition of the caregiver we choose. Some people bond more easily with caregivers who are easygoing or laid back, while others thrive with energetic caregivers. In addition, we consider the long-term availability of the caregiver to ensure consistency. Once the caregiver is selected, we introduce the caregiver to your loved one at the most critical point of service – the start.

  • Step 3: Ongoing Evaluations

The third step is a vigilant and ongoing assessment to ensure that the care plan continues to be appropriate for your loved one’s needs. We may recommend adjustments to the care plan based on changing circumstances, but just like Step 1, the updates are based on working with you to establish an agreeable care plan.

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